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When a Defendant Admits Fault, That’s Only Half the Battle

Don’t start celebrating a victory in your personal injury case just because the defendant admitted being at fault (admitted liability, in legalese) for your accident. Plenty of “admitted liability” cases still go to litigation, or even to trial. This is … Continue reading

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How To Testify At Trial

Even though most plaintiffs will never go to trial, the thought of having to testify in court can be a source of great anxiety. Even if you’ve given a deposition in your case, you will find testifying at a trial … Continue reading

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Jury Trial Crisis — Why So Few Cases are Going to Trial

The Florida Bar recently released the results (pdf warning) of its research into the declining number of jury trials in America. It is a phenomenon which is affecting both civil and criminal jury trials, for somewhat different reasons. I’m only … Continue reading

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Should I Settle or Go to Trial?

Most personal injury plaintiffs will be plagued by this question at some point during their lawsuit. Should you settle and take less than what you think your case is worth, or risk it all at trial? The vast majority of … Continue reading

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