Purpose of this site

The purpose of this site is to help personal injury plaintiffs (or potential plaintiffs) prepare for all aspects of their lawsuits. Lawsuits are scary to most people, mainly because they don’t have a clue what to expect and their attorneys simply don’t have the time to explain everything to every client. I will attempt, through an ongoing series of articles, to explain both the basic and not-so-basic aspects of a personal injury lawsuit.

Before I get too far, I am an attorney licensed in the state of Florida. I have practiced for 15 years, the first 6 years representing civil defendants (the people or companies plaintiffs sue) and the last 8 years representing plaintiffs. So, yes, I do know what I’m talking about. Do I know the laws of all 50 states? Absolutely not. But the good thing about personal injury law is that it is mostly derived from what is known as “common law,” which does not vary much from state to state.

As you may have guessed from my website’s domain name, I do not want to be your lawyer. This is an information-only site, not a law firm site in disguise. I’m not soliciting your business. Do not send me specific questions or information about your case. None of the information I provide here should be construed as legal advice from your personal attorney. Nor is any information you gratuitously send me (despite me just telling you not to) going to be privileged. You have been warned.

Settlement tip

Over time, I will be writing about a broad spectrum of personal injury lawsuit topics covering as many aspects of the litigation process as I think a plaintiff would want (or need) to learn. It will take some time to commit all the useful information I have to writing, so if you don’t see the topic about which you wanted to learn (e.g., Where is the information about depositions? Mediation?), rest assured it will be covered. Law school takes three years to complete (and you will learn more practical information from this site than from any law school). Don’t think I can just crank all this stuff out overnight.

I’ll post articles as often as I can, but my goal here is for quality, not quantity. I hope you find my site useful.

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