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Welcome to I Do Not Want to Be Your Lawyer, a website written by a lawyer that provides legal (and practical) advice to plaintiffs in personal injury cases. Some of this advice will be useful to anyone involved in any type of lawsuit, but the primary focus of the site is personal injury lawsuits.

Unlike most lawyers who operate legal information websites, I have no interest in representing you (don’t even bother asking). The advice I give, while useful, is often general and is not intended to replace the advice of your actual lawyer. I am not your lawyer. Therefore, we do not have any type of attorney-client relationship. My ass now being sufficiently covered, below are links to all of the articles on the site, organized by topic.

Medical Treatment After an Accident

Trying to Settle Your Own Case

Hiring/Firing a Personal Injury Lawyer

Communicating With Your Lawyer’s Office

Why Personal Injury Cases Take So Long

Things You Should Not Do if You Have a Personal Injury Claim

Automobile Accident Issues

Discovery (Deposition, Interrogatories, etc.) in Personal Injury Cases

Settlement, Mediation and the Value of your Case


Legal Malpractice

Why Tort Reform is Bad for the Little Guy

Off-Topic, But Still Useful, Information

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